Steer Clear of Poison Ivy

Wouldn’t we all prefer to prevent getting poison ivy ever again?  Essential Wellness Pharmacy knows that poison ivy prevention is important to many people in Central Illinois.  If you are inclined to be proactive about poison ivy, then now is the time to begin using our product, Poison Ivy Tincture.  It’s simple to use.  Just drink a mixture of this extract with water throughout the poison ivy season and it should help in poison ivy prevention.  The Poison Ivy Tincture is mixed into a glass of water and consumed once a week.

Poison Ivy Tincture is also great for gardeners, hikers, hunters, athletes, landscape workers, and anyone with a potential for exposure to poisonous plants!  The active ingredient, Rhus Tox, has been used by pharmacies for over 50 years.  Rhus Tox is “recommended by physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals to help prevent allergic reactions caused by poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.”¹

By using Poison Ivy Tincture you can eliminate any need for needle injections by your doctor, severe reactions to poisonous plants as well as doctor visits.  Plus, you'll also avoid the uncomfortable and painful itching that comes from a poisonous plant infection as well as embarrassing rashes that could ruin that special outfit and/or that special date.  Come see us today at Essential Wellness Pharmacy to pick up your bottle of Poison Ivy Tincture or call us if you have any questions or concerns about taking this poison ivy preventative product.

Do you already have poison ivy?  If so, then Essential Wellness Pharmacy has a Stop Itch Gel that works wonders.  Come see us today for this and all your pharmaceutical needs.